Your entry fee helps us cover the cost of running Memory Walk & Jog. By raising funds on top of this, you will provide much needed support for those living with dementia and their carers.

Your funds will help provide:

  • Improved facilities and services
  • Community awareness programs
  • Counselling services
  • Carer support groups

How YOUR support will change lives:

The vision of Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld) is for a society committed to the prevention of dementia, while valuing and supporting people living with dementia.

Our purpose is to inspire hope through connecting, informing and empowering Queenslanders affected by dementia.

We do this by providing leadership, information, education and support for people with dementia, their families and carers. We also work to raise awareness and understanding of dementia in the broader community, and promote the importance of good brain health.


Sponsor yourself first

Before you ask your friends for their support, lead by example and make the first donation yourself! This will inspire your sponsors as you have put your money where your mouth is and proven your personal commitment to the cause.

If you donate a large amount first, your friends are more likely to follow your lead because you’ve set the level of expectation. Don’t forget to make sure everyone knows about it by posting it on Facebook once you’ve made your donation.

Set a high fundraising target

Set yourself a high target, showing your support for the work that Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld) does.

Would you donate more to a friend if their goal was $400 or $4,000?

Your friends want to help you reach your personal milestone and a higher goal shows your level of passion, commitment and determination to a cause that you believe in.

Personalise your fundraising page

Did you know that fundraisers who upload a personal photo or video to their page raise more money than those who don’t? It’s that easy!

Your friends and family want to hear YOUR story and what you’re doing to make a difference, so personalise your page and keep it updated with your team’s progress to give your friends a reason to show their support!

Tell everyone about your amazing challenge

Spread the word about your efforts and your race against dementia. Your friends, family, employer, colleagues, clients and suppliers will love hearing how you are taking steps to fight this incurable condition that affects more than 342,000 Australians.

They will want to support you, all you have to do is ask!

Be sure to promote your fundraising efforts at work, school or your local community group. Use posters, flyers, message boards, email and social media to extend your reach. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are free, easy to use and reach a large audience!

Didn’t get a response the first time? Follow up

You might have emailed your friends once, but sometimes friends who mean to donate don’t quite get around to it right away. Don’t be afraid to send a reminder email to nudge people into action, or continue to post your fundraising page on Facebook to keep spreading the word!

The easier you make it for your friends, the more likely they will sponsor you!

Get company sponsorship

You can try asking local businesses to sponsor you in return for adding their logo to your t-shirt or posting about their contribution of Facebook.

Ask your workplace to match your fundraising efforts

Does your company have a ‘matched giving’ program? Many employers offer programs to match their employees fundraising efforts to encourage their staff to support charitable organisations. This is an easy way to instantly double your fundraising total!

Even if there is no such program in place, it never hurts to ask as many workplaces are more than happy to also make a company donation to support their employees in helping a great cause.

Check with your HR Manager or employer if you’re unsure. All direct donations more than $2 are tax deductible. Even if your employer doesn’t donate, try leaving a donation form and money tin on your desk, near the coffee machine and water cooler to encourage your colleagues to sponsor you.

Increase your fundraising target

Already reached your target? Keep going! Increase your target so that your supporters know you want to raise as much as you can to put an end to the devastating effects of dementia! You’ll be surprised at how this will inspire your friends and help you raise more funds.