My Star to remember is my mother, Catherine, affectionately known as Ketty. 

Mum was the most loving, caring, non-judgemental person I have ever known.  The love of her family was undeniable. She loved singing, dancing, music (in particular Elvis), her 5 mobile phones (she had five to keep up with all the different games she loved) and she was a wiz at fixing things. 

Mum was in her mid-70's when we first noticed there was something wrong. 

The family started receiving blank text messages. When we asked her abou it she would say "I didn't send you a text". 

Next was the issue with the TV not working. She would call and tell me there was something wrong with the TV. I would go to her place, only to discover, she was forgetting how to use the remote. I ended up writing on piece of paper ON/OFF and taping it to the remote. 

There were occasions where she called the fire brigade or ambulance or the police telling them different stories. I must say the emergency services were wonderful with her.  

The last straw for the family was when she called me to pick her up and she didn't know where she was! To say I was terrified for her safety would be an understatement! 

I took her to her doctor where she had several tests and it was confirmed she had dementia. 

I stayed with her for a while and came to the decision she needed to be in a nursing home. 

It was by far hardest decision of my life. 

So, in 2011 mum was placed in a nursing home by the beach in Mt Martha. 

She was happy there all the nurses loved her. Mum would quite often listen to the radio dance and sing along. 

Between my sister and I we would visit every day take her out to lunch the beach and of course the pokies. 

Unfortunately, in May 2013 mum had a fall in the nursing home broke her hip and didn't fully recover.  She passed away in August in the same year. 

I would like to say although mum couldn't recall a lot of things towards the end she never lost the ability to laugh. 

Her lovely singing and dancing will be forever in my mind. 

"Always on our mind" that's what's written on her grave stone.