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The Team

Al The Elephant


Al is a big part of our team. He’s been the Memory Walk & Jog mascot for such a long time now, and we couldn’t do it without him. He loves to high-five people on the course, have selfies with the kids and is a massive help when it comes to handing out flyers to promote the event. If you see him at the event, you should definitely have a pic with him!

Meaghan Westra

Event Manager

Meaghan has been with the Memory Walk & Jog team since 2014 and was a volunteer before that! Her favourite part of the event is reading the “I’m in the race for” stickers on people’s shirts and meeting all of the great participants. You’ll usually find her during the event in the truck starting bump out. She’s a good person to speak to if you have any general questions about Memory Walk & Jog.

Jocelino Jorge

Fundraising Manager, Corporate Partnerships and Promotions

Jocelino joined Dementia Australia in 2017 and loves seeing people coming together for a great cause whether it be Memory Walk & Jog, Collection Day or a Corporate Fundraising Day. At Memory Walk & Jog, you will usually find him making sure our sponsors are well looked after and having a great time.

Victoria Alvarez

Promotions Executive

Victoria joined the team at the start of 2017 and was part of her first Memory Walk & Jog tour – which she loved! Her favourite thing to do is film the rest of the team in awkward boomerangs and unflattering photos, but LOVES loading up gorgeous shots of participants. As you can tell, she’s our social media guru so if you have any questions about Facebook or would like to share your story with media, she’s a great person to speak to.

Mason Krollig

Social Media & Digital Marketing Officer

Don’t let his title fool you, Mason is a jack-of-all-trades. He’s been roped into almost every part of Memory Walk & Jog you could imagine for the past three years. He’s based in the Adelaide office so has seen it transform from a local zoo walk into a huge fun run and walk with more than 1,000 people now. If you’ve got any great marketing ideas, either he or Victoria would love to hear from you.

Kristin Marshall

Community Fundraising Officer

Kristin has been a part of the Memory Walk & Jog team since the first Victorian event was held in 2014. She’s a fundraising wiz and enjoys being able to help attendees reach their fundraising goals. On event day, you’d be lucky to find her! She jumps from the registration desk, to the stage, to the start line lending a hand wherever is needed. She loves how supportive everyone is and the sense of community that is created – it truly makes the Memory Walk & Jog an event to remember!

Jessica Farlow

Events and Community Fundraising Coordinator

Jess is based in the Brisbane office and works on the Queensland events. She loves hearing participants’ motivations for joining the race against dementia and working with them to help reach their fundraising goals. The best part of the event for Jess is seeing all the multigenerational families who come along in support of a loved one.

Sheridan Jones

Events Coordinator

Sheridan joined the Memory Walk & Jog team in June 2017, so she’s fairly new, but before that she was a volunteer and a great intern – she loved it that much she joined us for real! She is one of the event organisers and loves to see everyone’s awesome moves during the warm ups. You will find her patting every single dog that comes to the events.

Arpi Achadjian

Community Fundraising Coordinator

Arpi joined the team in April 2017. She helps those who want to host their own DIY and MY Memory Walk & Jog events. Her favourite time of the year is Dementia Awareness Month, seeing how many people host their own Memory Walks during this time, helping raise awareness and much needed funds. She loves helping those who want to make a difference, seeing pictures and hearing stories of all the successful events. She's a good person to talk to if you have any questions about hosting your own Memory Walk & Jog.

Stacey Hutcheson

Events and Community Fundraising Assistant

Stacey joined Dementia Australia in February 2017 and she loves working on Memory Walk & Jog because it really brings communities together to fight dementia. Her favourite part of Memory Walk & Jog is seeing the joy on people’s faces. You can usually find her checking the volume of the music at the event site and getting the perfect start song queued up for the next race.