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Sydney Memory Walk & Jog

“I am walking for my mum Val, she is about to turn 61 and at the later stages of early onset dementia. She was diagnosed at 55, is now in a home and has been told she has less than a year left to live.

I have a little sister who is 30 who is severely disabled and has been in a wheelchair her whole life and never spoken a word. My mum (and step-father) looked after her as full-time careers until she was 26. We all hoped my parents would get a break and get to travel around Australia but the universe had different plans. My step-father, who is greatest man on the planet, was also diagnosed with leukemia. Such a sad end to a love story."

Many parents just go through the motions but with these two it was true love. He still goes to the home everyday to see his "girl" and kisses her. Absolutely heartbreaking.



Sydney Memory Walk & Jog

“I decided to participate in Memory Walk & Jog in remembrance of my grandfather who suffered for many years with dementia. My grandfather was the relative that was full of life; funny, entertaining and always ready to be the life of the party at any opportunity! I have been raising money because I would like to find a cure for this debilitating disease that turns those who are familiar into strangers.

I will be walking with all of you on the day, but I will also be walking in spirit with my grandfather!”


Hunter Memory Walk & Jog

“My Grandma Joyce, we call her "Rolls Royce Joyce,” was diagnosed with Alzheimer's nearly 10 years ago now. She is the Mother of 6, Grandmother of 17 and Great Grandmother of 1 (soon to be 2!).

My Grandma has always been very generous and giving of her time and love and offers her unconditional support to the community around her, be that through volunteering at the local school or church. She was a registered nurse before she retired and became a volunteer scripture teacher at schools in Newcastle. She was moved into full time care late 2016 and that has come with its trials- to my Grandma accepting her new surroundings and the confusion that comes with the process and to my mother and her siblings preparing to transition their Mother into the next phase and how best to deal with the new challenges that are presented- yet they all still manage to smile and laugh and always remain positive, a true tribute to the person my Grandmother is.

My Grandma would be so humbled/embarrassed if she knew we were walking to support and raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's (she would probably actually argue that she "doesn't have Alzheimer's" and give you a cheeky grin). My Grandmother was one of 8 children, she is one of the last remaining 2, the other 6 all eventually passed away from Alzheimer's.”

MY Memory Walk & jog

MY Memory Walk & Jog is the perfect way for you to enhance your fitness routine and raise funds and awareness for Dementia Australia at the same time! By pledging as few or as many kilometres as you like, you can play a part in our biggest fundraiser in a way that suits you!

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MY Memory Walk & Jog (Walked 80km from Wollongong to Sydney)

"This terrible disease has sadly affected two of my family members: my nanna, who has now passed away, and my auntie Marylyn, who is currently going through it.

I wanted to attempt a My Memory Walk that replicates in a small way, some of the difficulties that a person with dementia has to go through on a daily basis, including the feelings of isolation and physical and emotional challenges. The walk I designed is not part of an organised group, but rather a personal, solo journey with the help of a small support crew to guide me, walk with me and help me if and when needed."


MY Memory Walk & Jog

“My grandfather passed away five years ago due to having alzheimer's disease. Although he lived overseas we always kept in touch with family and knew how difficult it had gotten towards the final stages. I participated in Memory Walk & Jog last year with mum but did not get the chance this year, so I wanted to do this instead... I do want to try and help raise funds; this is a scary disease and can hit anyone. I hope to see one day some sort of medical breakthrough.”


MY Memory Walk & Jog

“The reasons I raise funds for Alzheimer's is to honour the memory of my Grandpa, Nan and Aunt who all lived with dementia as well as to acknowledge the dedicated care and commitment of those who lived with and supported them through their illness. I am fortunate to have memories of my family and use the time I run to reflect on them. In raising funds I hope that others retain their ability to remember their loved ones.”

DIY Memory Walk & JoG

DIY Memory Walk & Jog is an opportunity to tailor an event to suit your town or friend group while raising valuable funds and awareness for Dementia Australia.

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DIY Memory Walk & Jog

"My inspiration to organise the fundraiser, came from my much loved husband, Paul (aka Freebie) who, about 7 years ago, aged just 60 years old, was diagnosed with Younger Onset Dementia. I still care for him, but wanted to make an even bigger impact by raising funds and awareness for others in similar situations."

I am so thrilled with the success of our event. I'm really overwhelmed with the response of those who have donated as raising over $20k is so much than we had hoped for!



Ipswich DIY Memory Walk & Jog

“In our community here in Ipswich we have a dementia based unit at the Ipswich Hospital where we have an influx of patients with dementia. We have amazing allied health, nursing, geriatrician and administration staff that make it a safe, caring and happy environment. 

My reasons behind doing this DIY event is for the families of Ipswich, they deserve to have a day to remember and appreciate the lives of their loved ones. Our first year was a great success having families and staff members jog and walk for a great cause and all wearing yellow for a great morning out. I am hoping it will be bigger and better next year and this will be an annual event for the city.”


Taree DIY Memory Walk & Jog

“I decided to organise a DIY event in Taree to dedicate it to my grandfather, Kevin Outten, who lost his battle with dementia in 2016. I would have been happy with 100 people, so 170 raising $9,000 is a great result.”

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