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Fitness Tips
Speak to your doctor

It might sound like a simple thing but speaking to your doctor is such a simple way to get you started on the right track. Your doc will be able to look at your age, weight and current health status to make recommendations that work for your body.

Know your body

It’s also important that you know your own body. You’re the best person to monitor how you’re feeling, any twinges or aches, and you should always keep your doctor informed.

Have a balanced diet

Remember that what you put in your mouth fuels your body. Like a car runs better on clean petrol, your body likes good quality food. Hint: remember not to skip breakfast!

Stay hydrated

Water is so important! Don’t forget to keep a water bottle handy. Those of you doing marathons and extra big workouts may also like to look at energy drinks or supplements. Again - talk to your doctor!

Work up gradually

Don’t look at your end goal and decide you need to achieve it this week. Be reasonable and logical about it and set yourself milestones along the way. You’ll get there safer and have a much higher chance of success.

Strength is good - mix it up!

You can do all the running in the world but it’s good for your body to strengthen too. Speak to your doctor or trainer about what type and size of weights might be best for your body. And remember to keep things fresh. Let your body do some different types of exercise occasionally so you can keep challenging it.

Posture is important

Whether you’re running, doing yoga, pilates or simply walking, it’s a good idea to have good posture so your muscles can grow in the right places. Consider hiring a personal trainer or speaking to someone who can instruct you on the right way to do something the first time around.

What’s on your feet?

While you’re looking at your posture, a great place to start is your shoes! Your footwear can really impact your posture, your style and the impact on your body so get a professional to look at them for you.

Pick a great soundtrack

Who doesn’t need a bit of motivating sometimes?! A good tune or two can be exactly what you need to help keep your spirits high throughout a workout or a run.

Rope in a friend

Another good way to keep you motivated is a workout buddy! Those days that you just don’t want to get out of bed, or that work or school has drained you, having a friend or running partner can make all the difference to not breaking your routine.

Don’t focus on weight

So many people who use their weight as a gauge of their success in training fail. Remember that muscle is a pretty weighty thing too, so you could be losing fat and gaining muscle. Judge your success on how you feel, not on what the scales say.

Stick to it

Make sure that giving up is not an option! Set yourself reasonable goals and stick to them. They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit, so set that as your first goal and then assess how it’s going. We have faith in you, you can do it!