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Fundraising Tips
Personalize your fundraising page

Did you know that fundraisers who upload a personal photo to their page raise more money than those who don’t? Your friends and family want to hear your story and know what you’re doing to make a difference, so personalise your page and tell others why you care about getting active to beat dementia.

Share on social media

Spread the word. Everyone loves to read about good people doing good things; so don’t be shy, and share your fundraising page to Facebook and other social media channels. One thing to remember is that you can share it multiple times. Make a plan to share your page at different times, like... when you first sign up, when you become a Dementia Warrior, when you do a great training run, when you make 50% of your target, and the night before the event. Event sharing it once will make a huge difference, but the more you share it, the more supporters you will gain, and the more lives you can help impact.

Set a goal and keep everyone in the loop

Statistics show that fundraising pages with targets raise 46% more than pages without a target. So be sure to give everyone a number to help you work towards, and don’t forget to send around little progress reports so everyone can see you get closer and closer to achieving your goal.

Don’t forget about email

Now, we know not everyone is on Facebook so a lot of times sending around a good ‘ol fashioned personal email can do the trick! Don’t forget to include people at work ;)

Plaster the walls

OK, so not literally, but why not print out a couple of posters and pop them up in your office to show people what you’re involved in and encourage them to sponsor you.

Every dollar counts - so match it!

You’d be surprised how many workplaces LOVE to see employees donating their time to support a charity. A lot of them will even match the money you raise dollar for dollar - but you have to ask.

Get creative and get them hooked

You know your supporters better than we do, but we like to keep ours hooked! A good way to do that is create funny goals. Tell your friends that if you raise $500, you’ll run the course in a clown costume. Whatever it is that you can use to get them eager to fundraise, do it!

Looking to do something a bit more involved?

If you thrive off going above and beyond try your hand at hosting a Bunnings BBQ, bake sale or even a family variety day to help raise funds!

We’re here to help!

We have so many fun ideas for you if you’re wanting to do get your fundraising going through the roof. Give us a ring and we’ll help get you started!