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I am participating in the Memory Walk & Jog on behalf of myself and my family to honour of my late Nonno, Antonio Calipari.

I am his first grand-daughter Lauren Calipari. Through this Memory walk I wish to pay tribute to his life and raise awareness about this incurable disease.

My nonno was always well mannered, well presented and prided himself on his hospitality. He Always thought of others before himself and was a true Gentlemen till the very end and a Man who lived his life to the fullest everyday.

Dementia is a cruel disease which robs you of your sense of reality, encourages the mind to play tricks on you and eventually inhibits your everyday functioning and mobility. But what it also does, is allows you time to re-build the family unit. Life becomes so chaotic we often forget to stop and take it all in. There is no upside to this disease but it did give our family time. Time to really stop, and sit with our nonno and unite us all as a family as we cared for him like he cared for all of us throughout our lives.

Dementia saw him rearrange stories I’d heard millions of times, mix up our names and became frustrated easily. My nonno’s mind slowly deteriorated and so did he with many other health complications. On the 9th of September 2017, we lost our strong heart of the family, our Husband, Dad, Nonno, Cousin and Friend.

I wish to help raise awareness of this cruel and unecessary disease. I hope the money raised goes towards educating people and providing more support services to those who suffer alone.

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