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There is estimated to be more than 425,416 Australians living with dementia. It is the second leading cause of death in Australia and there is no cure. Your fundraising efforts will enable us to continue to provide much-needed support services, education and social research.

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2019 registrations NOW OPEN!

Registrations are now open for all Memory Walk & Jog 2019 events!

02 Oct 2018
Meet Al the mascot

Meet Memory Walk & Jog mascot, Al the elephant! Al goes to all Memory Walk & Jog events so make sure you say hi!

01 Oct 2018
2018 Success

Memory Walk & Jog was a huge success in 2018 - find out how much was raised for Dementia Australia.

28 Sep 2018

My father had dementia so I am all too aware of the impact it has not only on the person with dementia, but also on those close to them. It is important for people to know where to go to get help. No one has to walk the journey alone.

Ita Buttrose
Ita Buttrose

Dementia is so prevalent it’s almost inconceivable that it has remained a taboo illness for so long. It’s not until you have been touched personally by the disease that you begin to understand just how common it really is and how many families it

Doris Younane
Doris Younane

Alzheimer’s disease can not only affect the elderly, it can also strike the young. As the people with dementia are affected, so are their loved ones and family.

Natarsha Belling
Natarsha Belling