We recently worked with participants to help share and honour the memories and stories of their loved ones who have been affected by dementia.

These are their stories...


My Star to Remember is my Mum, Maria.  She was the glue that held our family together, a strong beautiful person who steered us all through any difficult times in our lives.  Despite the difficulties she experienced in her early years in Malta,

Mum always managed to soldier on with a cast-iron will to make the most of her life and the opportunities it brought. Mum always said a happy disposition is a precious thing to have and it is a positive outlook on life that gets you through the difficult times. 

She had the most unique observational skills, crazy and outrageous, which would send anyone in her company into hysterics.  All my friends loved Mum as she was always ready to have a joke and was always on the lookout for fun.

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My star to remember was my mum, Mary. Mum was the most generous sharing kind hearted soul you could know. She had to share everything she had. "Not worth having if you can't share things with others" she would say. She would keep nothing for herself and give to us and even strangers.

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My Star to remember is my mother, Catherine, affectionately known as Ketty. 

Mum was the most loving, caring, non-judgemental person I have ever known. The love of her family was undeniable. She loved singing, dancing, music (in particular Elvis) and her 5 mobile phones (she had five to keep up with all the different games she loved). 

Mum was in her mid-70's when we first noticed there was something wrong. The family started receiving blank text messages. When we asked her she would say "I didn't send you a text". 

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If you have a memory or story you would like to share please contact and tell us about your star to remember.