Walk With Mac

Thursday 4th May 

4:45pm - 7:30pm 

Albert Park Lake  

$35,835 raised

$30,000 Goal

$35,835 raised

$30,000 Goal

Walk With Mac for Dementia

Join the team from Urban Workout at Albert Park on Thursday 4th of May as we walk to support Mac Hay and the over 400,000 Australians living with dementia. 

Mac was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia in 2017. Although this rare form of dementia affects everyone differently, one of the initial symptoms is difficulty in communicating. At first Mac found it hard to get his words out. Today, at age 64, Mac can no longer speak.

As the dementia took over his mind and body, Mac's passion to work and help others was forced to end. His cognitive function, including behaviour, planning, insight, self-awareness, and general daily activities have all been affected.

However, with the loving care of his wife Virginia, his carers, family and friends, Mac still has a smile on his face. He enjoys meeting new people, physical contact, helping out around the house, and getting out in the community that he loves so much.

Mac and Virginia have been members at Urban Workout gym for over 12 years and have developed enduring friendships with management and members. We're asking you to join us for a Walk With Mac, and to donate funds, so we can raise money for the countless Australians impacted by this disease. If you'd like to walk along with Mac and the Urban Workout team, we ask that you please donate $20 or more. Let's come together to support a man that has given so much to his family and community.

We know that times are tough. Every $20 or more will go directly to providing research, education, help to families and carers, and counselling sessions to all affected. Most importantly, your donation will enable people living with dementia to live with dignity, surrounded by the love of their family and friends.

Every little bit counts. Donate today and we can't wait to see you at a Walk With Mac. Find us at the Coot Picnic Area.

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