Show the world what you are made of and unleash your inner Dementia Warrior!

Join our passionate Dementia Warrior community who are leading the charge against dementia. Together we show up and step up to raise vital dementia beating dollars to fund dementia research and support services.

As part of the Dementia Warrior community, you also will earn exclusive Dementia Warrior merchandise which you can proudly wear on the event day. Together as a community, we can show people living with dementia they are not alone.


Memory Walk & Jog
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Dementia Warriors

Dementia Warrior Levels

Raise more than $100

Show off your inner Dementia Warrior when you receive your:
•  Bronze badge.
•  Bronze online fundraising toolkit.
•  Memory Walk & Jog Keyring.

Raise more than $500

Tell the worl you're a Silver Dementia Warrior with your:
•  Silver badge.
•  Silver online fundraising toolkit.
•  Memory Walk & Jog branded Yeti Tumbler.

Raise more than $1,000

Show the world you're a Gold Dementia Warrior with your:
•  Gold badge.
•  Gold online fundraising toolkit.
•  Memory Walk & Jog Hoodie.

Raise more than $2,500

Show everyone you've become a fundraising champion with your:
•  Platinum badge.
•  Platinum personalized online fundraising toolkit.
•  An exclusive gift designed just for you!

Are you a Dementia Warrior yet?

Ready to become a Dementia Warrior but not sure when to start?

Check out our fundraising tips to help get you started.