National Nursing Agency - Canberra Community Sponsor

Monday, 17 February 2020

Based in our Nation's capital, the National nursing teams are family-owned and run businesses for 24 years and have been in operation under current management since 2014. We have a number of core values and philosophies - honesty, integrity and respect - for the care we provide and team we employ, so as to ensure satisfaction from our clients and most importantly, the people we care for!

We have amazing community spirit in Canberra and our team loves to participate - either by providing outstanding care or giving back to our community through our fundraising activities. Over the last year we have provided much needed support to a number of local organisations including Dementia Australia and we love to participate in their events like the Canberra Memory Walk & Jog. Our ongoing partnership with Dementia Australia is such an important one - we are often delivering care to the residents in aged care facilities and clients in their homes that are also receiving support from Dementia Australia. This way we can ensure that the quality of care and a consistent approach is taken, which provides the best outcomes for those living with dementia. Our team also greatly value the training provided by Dementia Australia, and we see it as an integral component of our ongoing training calendar. In 2017 we were absolutely honoured to receive an award from the Australian Governor General for our team’s contribution to Dementia Australia recognising the contribution we have made. We have had so much fun being a part of these fantastic Dementia Australia fundraising events which in turn support the same clients we look after!