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I am so overwhelmed with all of the love support and donations already.  Thank you all so much. You are all amazing.  Our target was reached in the first day! I am so thrilled. In light of this I have upped the goal amount and also increased the amount of km to. Let’s keep this momentum going! Thanks again. 


Hi everyone
As many of you know my beautiful mum Debbie Noone was diagnosed with fronto temporal dementia a few years ago. This is a rapidly developing form of the disease, which
unfortunately, can lead to a much shortened life expectancy. In light of that my family and I have decided to raise funds for Dementia Australia. We have pledged to walk/run (let’s be honest mostly walk) 60km in 60 days. We chose 60km as that was around the age mum
was diagnosed.
We are hoping that this will raise funds and awareness of this illness as there are so many different types and varying degrees of suffering with dementia. We want to use this platform to help rid some of the social stigmas associated with it. Please don't be afraid of what has become of her. Mum is still mum. She still remembers and loves her friends and family. She loves nothing more than to sit and have a coffee and cake and brag about her grand babies. She is happy and blissfully unaware. 
If you cannot donate money then I encourage you to donate time. Call mum or go visit her . She would love it. It would make her and us as a family so happy.
Anything you can do for this amazing cause is greatly appreciated. You are more than welcome to meet me on my walks and have a chat. I will more than likely have a kid or 2 in tow. We are more than happy to talk to you about mums illness or if you click on the link below and donate you will see that there is plenty of information on the Dementia Australia website. I would love it if you shared this link. 
I will post pictures of our walks and of my beautiful mum. If you wish to join me please
use the hashtag #dementiaadventurefordeb
Thank you so much for your support. Let’s raise funds for an important cause

I’m doing a MY Memory Walk & Jog for my Mum Debbie Noone and to raise funds for people with dementia!

I’ll be completing a MY Memory Walk & Jog to raise funds to support people with dementia. I will be walking 60kms in 60days to help raise funds and awareness for this incredible cause. 

But I need your help! Please make a donation to support my efforts and help me reach my goal to beat dementia.

All funds raised will support the work of Dementia Australia to provide vital support services for people living with dementia, their families and carers. These services include counselling, support groups, education and training.

Thank you for your support.

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Wayne Fuchs

Thank you to my beautiful daughter. I know Mum would be so proud of you. It truly is a hideous disease. With all the generous help and support from our wonderful friends, we may, one day be on top it. Thanks to you all.


Neil Stokes


Amy Stafford

So incredibly proud of you! All our love always Lou, Amy and Emma xxx


Laser Plumbing Newcastle

What a wonderful thing for you to do. Congratulations on such a strong start and love hearing Mitch brag about his walks ❤️


Oslek Electrical


Libby & Tom Ford

Good on you Denva


Helen Elsley

You are wonderful Denver, When I walk I will think of your mum and our family members and friends that this disease has affected. X


Lucy & Jon Tundel


Carrie Heemskerk

With all my love xx


Jayne Matthews



Terry And Jude



Hi Denva I will try to visit your Mum and Dad when our winter season is over unfortunately I don't get up to Newcastle very often but I always have a very special place in my heart for Deb and Wayne. Hopefully I will meet up with you too much love Kim xx


Soldier 001 And Cooky K

You will have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel.


Reggie Hardman

With love from Sandy and Reggie.


Krisha Raisbeck



Sue Gardiner

So proud of you Den love Nu Nu


Kay Mawkes

Deb is so lucky to have a wonderful and caring family. What a great cause Denva


Sue Maunder


Hannah Roulstone

#dementiaadventurefordeb 🤗👭❤️


Katelan Ansell


Wade G

Legend!!!! You will smash it


Phillip Moore


Kayla Perry


Alana Chenery

Get it Doni, super proud of you and the fam xxx


Brooke Elers

This is close to my heart... Dementia is so cruel...! Proud of you Denny❤️


Kate Camps

This is great. Good on you guys xx


Max, Mia And Jackson


Ethan Sessions

Ethan and I would love to join you in a walk xx


Lynne Inglis


Toni Bartlett


Sam Heemskerk


Hannah Hunter

Well done Denva and fam. What an amazing thing you are doing. So very proud of you for raising awareness for this horrible disease. Good luck and much love.


Lauren Macaree


Elise Roulstone

Good work Denva, great cause! Your mum always has been and still is a beautiful lady xx


Michele Regan






Paige Gardiner

Sorry we couldn’t give more. Super proud of you!!


Denva Stokes


Jess Regan


Raquel Milton

Love from the kids, josh and I xx


Bree Phillips

We would love to help! We hope everyone gets behind you & the family & makes a donation to support this special cause! Xx


The Thompson Family

Thinking of you all much love


Louise Green

Such a sad condition. I am sorry that your family is going through this. What a great fundraiser 👌