For my mum Vi

Thank you to my Sponsors




Susan Manahan


Wayne Goldsmith

Still miss Mum every day. When things get tough it's great to sit in her old rocking chair, drink a beer and smile when I think about her. Good luck on your walk Shell.


Ellen Forsyth



Thanks for the support !




Sarah Fayers


Alexis Lebedew


Darryl Kane

turning a personal sadness into a vehicle to help others is something to be proud of.


Cathy Fox

I lost my precious Mum to dementia on 16th September 2015 and would like to donate in memory of her.


Philippa Johnson


Cheryl Roper

For Vi and Jessie


Deborah Ward


Michelle Goldsmith


Andrea Edwards

What a great way to support this very worth cause Michelle and increase awareness of services required. Well Done!!!!!!


Lynda Smith

Thanks for doing this.


Denise Hogan



Miss my Nan, everyday 💐



Good luck Michelle :)


Rhonda Lamont

Good Work Michelle


Narelle Nolan

My love to a gracious lady