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My parents Ken and Barbie- The Dean Team

Everyone has heard of Ken and Barbie, well my parents are Ken and Barbie (Dean) and they have been married for 50+ years.

My mum was diagnosed with Dementia several years ago, but went into denial, didn't want to acknowledge it or attempt any treatment, slowly the Dementia progressed. My dad was mum's amazing fulltime carer.

In April 2018 she refused to eat and shower, so it was time to ask for help. I took her to hospital (where everyone acknowledged what an awesome job my dad had been doing being her sole carer), they cared for her for a few week until she went into a fulltime care facility in May 2019.

Unfortunately the deterioration since December 2018 has been rapid and totally heart-breaking for all involved. 

Please help me raise much needed funds to stop Dementia.


I'm taking part in the Canberra Memory Walk & Jog for my Mum Barbara and raising funds for people with dementia!

On Sunday 23 February, I’ll be taking part in the Canberra Memory Walk & Jog to raise funds to support people with dementia.

But I need your help! Please make a donation to support my efforts and help me reach my goal to beat dementia.

All funds raised will support the work of Dementia Australia to provide vital support services for people living with dementia, their families and carers. These services include counselling, support groups, education and training.

Thank you for your support.

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Leah Owen


Lazdovskis A.k.a Barton

Love to you all. Hope your Mum is feeling a little better today. Xxx




Melinda Bower


Noel Miller

Hope you all have a great but tiring day, wish I could be there too.


Emma Awizen


Kylie Kynaston

So sorry to hear that your Mum has deteriorated... you guys are amazing. Would love to catch up for coffee again one day Mouse 😊


Melinda Bower