Tammy's Journey to Remember

By Tammy Edmonds

Canberra Memory Walk & Jog

I finished Tammy's Journey to Remember at the Canberra Memory Walk & Jog. We had a fabulous day doing the 5km walk with hundreds of other like mined people. The organisers and volunteers at the evnt were wonderful, thank you so much. Tammy's Journey to Remember which was originally meant to be run/walking 525km, turned into run/walking 201km, bike riding 319km and then a final 5km walk at the Canberra Memory Walk & Jog. Thank you to everyone who joined me along the way and to everyone who donated, all of your support has been overwhelming!!

Plan B

Feet are on the mend and the new plan has been devised. Thank you for all of the supportive comments, it means the world to me. I will now finish the journey’s distance on bike (320km) and finish the final 5km at Canberra’s Memory Walk & Jog on Sunday morning. 

Plan as follows:

Wednesday - drive to Huskisson having 3 shorter rides along the way (South Head Road Moruya, Surf Beach B/Bay and then in Huskisson).

Thursday - drive to Kiama and ride to Wollongong (either ride back or train).

Friday - drive to Canberra and ride ride ride. 

Saturday - ride around Canberra. 

Sunday - Memory Walk & Jog Canberra. 

Update on Journey

For those who know me, you know I don’t accept defeat very well. Today has been a very emotional day and my feet are telling me I have to stay off them and let them heal. I started this journey to raise awareness of Dementia and I have to remember that. I think I have done that and will continue to do that on many more adventures to come. I am hoping my feet will be ready to ride a bike in a few days and I would like to finish the proposed kilometers on bike. I have done 200km on foot in 4 days and I would like to do 320km on the bike around Wollongong and Canberra on paths. I would then plan to finish ‘my plan B journey’ at Canberra’s Memory Walk and Jog for Dementia Australia on Sunday morning. I am incredibly grateful for all the generous donations and overwhelmed with the support I have had along the journey.

Day 10 - 21st February 2020

Day ten will be from Coledale to Bundeena. This day will be about 35km in total and will take the Coastal Walk to avoid Freeway roads. Hopefully a spectactular day with great views and finaish with a ferry ride over to Cronulla for my final day.

Day 9 - 20th February 2020

Day nine will be from Bombo to Coledale. This day will be about 50km in total, a lot of this will be on the coastal paths of Wollongong and through Shellharbour.

Day 8 - 19th February 2020

Day eight will be from Falls Creek (Jervis Bay Road) to Bombo. This day will be about 59km in total and I am planning to hit the coastal track to avoid the main highways. Although a long day it will be very scenic.

Day 7 - 18th February 2020

Day seven will be from Mollymook to Falls Creek (Jervis Bay Road). This day will be about 52km in total.

Day 6 - 17th February 2020

Day six will be from North Batemans Bay to Mollymook. This day will be about 52km in total.

Day 5 - 16th February 2020

Day five will be from just before the Tuross turn off to North Batemans Bay. This day will be about 48km in total.

Day 4 - 15th February 2020

Day four will be from just after Cobargo to Just before the Tuross turn off. This day will be about 48km in total.

Day 3 - 14th February 2020

Day three of my journey will be 14th February and will go from Bega to just past Cobargo (ending the day with a nice big hill). This is another long and hilly day, but also in my home area 😊 Hopefully I will have a lot of local support throughout the day, particularly at the start and finish.

Day 2 - 13th February 2020

Day two of my journey will be 13th February and will go from Eden to Bega. This is a long and hilly day, but I can’t wait because I’ll finish the day off in my home town 😊 Hopefully I will have a lot of local support throughout the day.

Day 1 - 12th February 2020

Day one of my journey will be 12th February and will go from the NSW/VIC Border into Eden.


12th Feb 2020 – 22nd Feb 2020

My family was touched by dementia when my Gran was diagnosed around ten years ago, passing away in November 2018. Watching the effects of dementia on my Gran and our family and friends has made me want to start raising money for Dementia Australia to help those living with dementia and to raise awareness in the community.

In February 2020 I will be reaching the end of my four year Run Down Under journey. A journey that virtually sees people run or walk their way around Australia, totalling 14080km. When I reach the NSW / Vic border on February 12th, I will have 525km to go and I will then be actually running/walking this journey to Sydney. Over 11 days I will average 50km per day running and walking to Sydney.

Thank you to my Supporters


Jody's Uncle

I am Jody's uncle and so proud of what she does including supporting you journey. I hope this small donation helps to keep you going.



So, so awesome. Proud of your effort and proud to know you.


Day One Cash Donations

Donations in cash on day 1 - Lynda, Michelle & Andy, Goodyear Merimbula and Eden High School : - )


The Dougherty Gang

We're in awe Tammy. Such an amazing effort for a wonderful cause that means so much to many of us. Thank you.







Lisa & Phil Lukassen

Good luck with your 50k a day if anyone can do it you can, looking forward to being able to join you for some of your amazing journey for a great cause.




Bega Men's Golf


Bega Saturday Golf Ladies

We are so proud of you.


Col Shipard


Kim Loveday


Jennifer Lamb


Belinda Cardwell

Congratulations on a fantastic effort :) Sorry I didn’t get to join you for any of the trip 😔 I was thinking of you and your lovely support crew everyday. Next time you set off for 500k’s I’ll try and catch you 😂


Simon Owens


Lyn Underhill

Massive achievement by you, Tammy and your friends Cath and Michelle to finish off what you started in terrible conditions in your quest to help raise awareness of Dementia. I am so very proud of you, love Mum. 💕💕💕


Loris Stefani

Hope the prep & journey go to plan . Would love to join in for a bit.


Nikki Smith

Woo hoo 11 days without you 🤣 Kidding, if anyone can do it, you can !!! #thistimeintwelvemonths 🤩


Lyn Underhill

What an awesome thing to do Tammy! Helping to raise awareness of Dementia is a very worthy cause. We watched Mum/Gran deteriorate slowly over many years to the point that she didn’t know us any more. So so sad. 💕💕👍


Bega Ladies Golf

From the Wednesday


Sue Jennings


Julie Lennon

Just a top up for one courageous and determined girl. Well done 💪


Gus Lamb



Tamara And Brendan Smith

Great job Anuty Tammy so good to see you in Kiama xx love Tamara 😘 Brendan said love you Anuty Tammy 😘


Dawson Family

You are an inspiring Tammy, this is an amazing goal!


Michelle & Andy


James Lukassen


Pete And Lisa Dickson

Hats off to you Tammy! You are amazing!


Davina Hewes

Good luck, enjoy 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Stephanie Auston

You go girl 😊👍 queen of awesome


Jody Collins

Awesome work!! 🏃🏼‍♀️


Clare Gilbert

With you virtually all the way 👍


Meagen Auston

Great cause hope it all goes well and you reach your target.your very inspiring 🏃🏻🏃🏻


Clare Gilbert

Ouchy ouchy I did 30 . Thanks for a great day you’re a trooper


Wendy Hergenhan

A wonderful journey. You've chosen a great cause.


Dale Smith

Gran will be with you on the journey and you will see us and the kids when you run past Wollongong.


Donella, Brett & Skylar

Go Tammy!


The Haddon Family

Legend 💜😃


Anna Blacka

Awesome effort Tammy..


Tracey Gibbons

Keep going Tammy, you can do it 👍 Thinking of you as you run this journey for people to remember. Good on you. Inspirational stuff ✔



Day 3 53.01k✅✅✅🌤






Day4 50.01✅✅✅✅🌤


Day Two

Day 2 cash donation from Felicity Overend along with some walking company 🚶‍♀️☺️


Kerry & Cheryl Edmonds

Good luck and keep safe.


Peter Ubrihien


Shirl Griffin


Irene Hetherington



Day 1 ✅


Brad And Jen Ross

Truely inspirational Tammy. Best of luck from Brad and Jen


Julie Lennon

Well done Tammy, a great way to fundraise for this much needed cause. Have a wonderful time along the journey.



Great cause...U got this girl!


Trudi & Brett Jennings

Run Forest Run!!!! Happy running ❤️❤️🥵


Jenni Nichols

Well done Tammy, great effort


Jo Mayer

Good Luck Tammy :)


Jo Riley-fitzer

Tammy, what an amazing thing to do! Go well!!


Emma Smith

We wish you all the very best on your run, you are trully inspirational. Xxx


Claire Hoffman


Nikki Challman

Great job Tammy and for a good cause too!


Renee And Jason Miller

Congratulations on completing your ride/walk/run. Huge effort!


Jess Bettanin

Wow! Good on you Tammy! There is a bed with us in Eden if you need one on the first night. Good luck, Jess & Mick Bettanin


Fiona Minton-medley



Tanja Hoogenboom

You truly are crazy, but very very inspiring!! Will enjoy watching your journey. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Jason Holmes


Robyn Malcolm

Awesome effort...only 525km to go!!


Eddie Collins


Ilse Whiffen


Tamie Roscoe

Well done Tammy, you are inspirational!