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Hi friends

I am trying to stay fit and also raise funds and awareness for dementia. This is due to my mother having early onset Alzheimer’s. In retrospect I wish we had had more courage and information on the symptoms to get to the bottom of the diagnosis, so that’s why I’m raising awareness.

My goal is to maintain a walk/ run at least twice a week from Pyrmont to Marrickville as part of my commute, about a minimum of 17km per week. I aim to be consistent and progressive. I will log all my kms and donate the same in $ at the end of the year.

You can choose to support me by sending a message, making a one off donation, or matching me by $/km at whatever rate you wish, even if it is 10 cents per km! You can also support the cause by looking out for symptoms, having healthy discussions about the subject, and staying informed about the condition.

Finally, please keep an eye out for your loved ones and if in doubt get check ups! Dementia Australia has lots of great free resources.

Lots of love,
Ming Zhe

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