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All donations will go towards Dementia Australia's ability to provide vital support services, such as counselling, support groups and education to help family, carers and professional training in my area.

Reports found there are currently 46.8 million people living with dementia around the world one of those including my beautiful Nan. Seperated by 17,000kms providing my family with physical and emotional support has had its difficulties but if we could help raise money for a family/families in a similar situation then every little helps, big or small.

Growing up I was always very close with my Nan. Once a week after school I’d visit and together we would bake, colour in and complete jigsaw puzzles. In the school holidays I’d spend weeks on end having sleepovers, visiting the beach and dragging my grandfather through the millions of markets we insisted on visiting. At 15 I moved to Australia and left the majority of my family behind. Each year I would go back and visit and slowly things began to change. 10 years later and the phone calls are rare, the conversations are short but the love is bigger than ever. With even just the smallest donation I can help other families just like my own.

Thank you 💙

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