It’s time to get active and beat dementia!

Did you know exercise is not only good for our bodies but for our brains too? Regular exercise has shown to improve our brain health as exercise increases the flow of blood to your brain encouraging your brain cells and the connections between them to grow! Exercising regularly also helps improve brain function and reduces cognitive decline. If that isn’t enough to get moving, we don’t know what is!

Starting a new exercise regime can feel daunting so to help you get started we have come up with some top tips to get you fighting fit! Remember to start small, build up at your own pace and find exercises that work for you! One size does not fit all!

Before you start any new exercise regime, please consult a doctor and/or fitness instructor. They can advise how to exercise safely and effectively. 

Please ensure you are following the current government guidelines when exercising. No more than two people (unless in an immediate household), keeping a 1.5m distance between each other. Please keep hand sanitisers with you, wear comfortable shoes, keep hydrated and if you need to sneeze or cough please remember to use your elbow and cover your mouth.

Listen to your body

When exercising pay attention to how your body responds and feels. If you experience any pain seek medical advice.

Track your progress

Why not keep a training log so you can plan your training and track your fitness. This will help keep you motivated and show you how far you’ve come!

Mix it up

To keep it interesting try training at different times, different places and focus on different exercises. One training session you may focus on speed, the next may be your distance.

Fitness not weight

Focus on how you feel, not what the scale says! Are you noticing every time you train it is starting to get a bit easier. This is a great way to track your progress.

Get a health check

If you are getting into exercise for the first time or are getting back into it after having a break, go visit your doctor who can help you work out how to most effectively train and eat for your body and goals.

Cross train

Pilates, weight training and swimming are great ways to build strength and improve your training.

Feel free to get in touch with us for more support with your training. We’re with you every step of the way!

And remember, your kilometres make the world of difference to those living with dementia, their families and carers.