Illawarra Memory Walk & Jog

"My Mum, Martine, was showing signs of Younger Onset Alzheimer's when she was only 55 years old. She had the doctors baffled a bit as they thought the symptoms she was experiencing were because of menopause and the medication she was taking. I think it’s probably because they weren’t expecting to diagnose someone so young with dementia. It wasn’t until my Dad took her to see a Professor in Brisbane and after extensive testing and scans they were able to diagnose her at the age of 56.

I fundraise via LinkedIn with my professional network and via Facebook with family friends. I’ve been in my industry for 14 years and a lot of my customers that I have had that long are like family to me, so they support me.

It’s a big thing for our family to take part in Memory Walk & Jog and make a difference for someone else with dementia. It’s now too late for our Mum but we hope that by fundraising we can make it easier for others."