Hunter Memory Walk & Jog

"We found Dementia Australia when my dad originally got his diagnosis, that’s how we came across the Memory Walk & Jog. We participated last year to see how it all worked and to my surprise my partner and his family eagerly joined us for support. This year I wanted to walk again and I wanted to raise even more money. I wanted to spread the word and show people that dementia isn’t just for the old, it affects the young too.

I have been so blessed to have such a supportive group of friends and family around me, their donations alone have gotten us to where we are at the moment. My workplace, The Nags Head Hotel Adamstown, has been a huge rally for myself and my family. They have kindly allowed us to take over the Friday night raffles and those funds alone have given us an extra $700 for the cause. We will continue to fight and to fundraise right up until the end of March and I don’t ever want to stop telling people about Younger Onset Dementia."