Sydney Memory Walk & Jog

“I am walking for my mum Val, she is about to turn 61 and at the later stages of early onset dementia. She was diagnosed at 55, is now in a home and has been told she has less than a year left to live.

I have a little sister who is 30 who is severely disabled and has been in a wheelchair her whole life and never spoken a word. My mum (and step-father) looked after her as full-time careers until she was 26. We all hoped my parents would get a break and get to travel around Australia but the universe had different plans. My step-father, who is greatest man on the planet, was also diagnosed with leukemia. Such a sad end to a love story."

“Many parents just go through the motions but with these two it was true love. He still goes to the home everyday to see his "girl" and kisses her. Absolutely heartbreaking.”