Adelaide Virtual Memory Walk & Jog

"I first found out my Popa Barry had Alzheimer’s disease when I was 10 years old. I was quite young and told to be patient with Pop as he may be a bit forgetful. Pop’s dementia was not a fast progression but rather a slow deterioration over the span of 16 years, with it slowly getting worse over time.

"We were always so thankful for the time we had with him."

Pop was a clever, kind, and gentle man, he always spent time with his grandkids sharing his passions and teaching us about the farm, rocks, inventing things, fishing and pottery. Family was such a big part of who he was, and he spent his life cherishing his family and showering them with love. I am one of 17 grandchildren in the Snodgrass side and family has always been a huge part of my life too.

The best advice Pop gave me was to make sure spend time with those you love, do the things you enjoy and work hard!

My cousins and I were fortunate that while Pop was still able, Poppa Barry taught us how to to make our own pots on the wheel, showing us all different skills and techniques. I felt so lucky Pop got to teach us that day, as it soon bought on a love for Pottery myself, as I went to ceramics at school and later to lessons! He was an incredibly talented Potterer and sold pots locally around Wallaroo and the Copper Coast, South Australia.

It is probably one of my greatest memories of Pop, seeing him in his element showing us how to throw clay, seeing the clay form and bend as he moulded it in his hands. He talked us all through it as we had a go ourselves. I am thankful for this moment with Pop, and many other moments with him! At times I am told that I am like my Pop, but the whole family have traits of him too!

Pop loved his family traditions such as taking photos and videos of the family at our annual water fight for my mum’s birthday on Boxing Day. Or spending time at Black Rock, Copper Coast and having the Black Rock Special - which is cornflakes, cream, and apricots in a bowl for sweets. Pop always had a sweet tooth and loved this family tradition!

He was an amazing Potter outside of farm work, family, and fishing. My Pop was a thoughtful, incredible man, with a huge heart. He has helped shape me to the person I am today. He will forever be in my heart and thoughts."

Virtual Memory Walk & Jog

"Participating in the Virtual Memory Walk & Jog around my area was great, but different! I missed walking with my team, my family - TEAM BAZZA! But It was so nice seeing the community come together in a new way!

The 6km walk around my neighbourhood in Adelaide (Cumberland Park) was lovely. To hear the birds and be right in the moment of walking for a cause, in my bright yellow Memory Walk & Jog t-shirt!" - Stephanie