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This event is now closed. We look forward to seeing you in 2021!

Your fundraising pages will remain open until July 2020.

About Brisbane Memory Walk & Jog

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Brisbane Virtual Memory Walk & Jog.

We had a big celebration on social media from 5 - 14 June. We loved seeing all of your photos and videos. You can head to your exclusive closed Facebook group to add your own pics and see what everyone has been up to.

How to get involved

If you haven't got active yet, you still have time! You can complete your kms at a time and place that suits you! This could be in your backyard, a walk around your block or local area – anywhere that is safe and within government regulations and guidelines.

You can track your kms by adding your fitness tracker to your fundraising page. If you are having problems adding your fitness tracker, please contact us.

Now is the time when people living with dementia need our support the most.

We’ll still get active to make the world of difference for people living with dementia.

Please don’t forget no more than 20 people keeping a 1.5m distance, keep hand sanitisers with you, wear comfortable shoes, keep hydrated and if you need to sneeze or cough please remember to use your elbow and cover your mouth. As this is an evolving situation, please ensure that you follow the current government regulations and guidelines.

Fundraise for people living with dementia

Every kilometre and every dollar counts. The fundraising you do will make the world of difference to the estimated 84,940 people with dementia in QLD. And it means Dementia Australia can do more to make life better for them and their loved ones. It may even help us put a stop to dementia for good.

Brisbane! It’s time to get active, get healthy and get ahead of dementia!

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  • Vicki just donated $31.95
  • Jim just donated $58.58
  • Zoë & Heather just donated $150.00
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  • Amy just donated $30.00
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