14 - 16
Northern Territory

Starting Entry Fee 
Pending Accommodation of choice

Minimum Fundraising Target


Do I have to pay the full price?

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Yes, however we have split all regsitration costs across 2x instalments. 

Your first instalment will be taken as you regsiter and all second instalments will be taken in April (don't worry, we'll remind you before this happens). 

Want to get it all paid in one single installment? No worries! Simply call our team and we can assist 1300 695 695

Who pays for my flights?

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Flights (and travel insurance) are not included in your ticket price. Each individual is responsible for their flights to and from Uluru.

Entry to Uluru, meals, transfers and accommdation are included. 

Do I have to raise $4,000?

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Short answer: Yes!

We're asking for a commitment from you to raise $4,000 to attend our Uluru MW&J.

While it is compulsory, anyone who is unable to reach this amount will be consulted with by our team. 

Our team will be with all of you every step of the way to support and encourage you. We have no doubt you'll be able to hit your target by event weekend.

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