I like to move it!

We're doing the Sydney Memory Walk & Jog to raise funds for people with dementia!

We need your support! On Sunday 23 May, we'll be joining the Sydney Memory Walk & Jog.

With your help, our aim is to raise money to help Dementia Australia! We’d love you to sign up and join us for the big day. If you can’t make it, please give generously for a vital cause.  

Dementia Australia will use the money raised to provide vital support services for people living with dementia, their families and carers. This much-needed help includes counselling, support groups, education and training for professionals in our local area.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Louisa De Vera, Jesse Butler & Coen Butler

You've got this... GO TEAM!


Mary Anne, Zoe, Mia And Seriously Dough

Go Luz Troop!



You can do it!


K & M Yardin

This is for your mum and for my Lola. Go Luz family!


Del Valle Fambam

You Go LuzTroop ... we all like to move it, move it!!! Enjoy the walk.


Ditas Culala

Good Luck LuzTroop and GOD Bless 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♂️


Brightly, Lachlan & Jaykey Diaz

Good Luck Luz Troop!


Davids Quad.

Proud of u guys & supporting u all xx


Raul & Loi, Leah & Ralph

Continued Prayers for blessings, love & support. Take care.


Maria Hitchen

I like to move it, move it :) Now I have the song stuck in my head. :)


Jaclyn Huang


Antonio Portugal

May God bless your endeavour.



God bless!


Emjay, Frankie, Timmy & Parents

All the best LuzTroop


Rebecca Braithwaite

All the best to you all Praying for my beautiful friend Vanjean


A&k Zapanta

Praying for a cure and most especially for Tita ❤️🙏🏼


Claire Gunn

Best wishes and happy jogging 😁


Benjamin Atienza

Praying for a cure and for healing for your mum. Wishing you the best LuzTroop and De Vera Family!


Emma Caguin

Great idea for a great cause! God bless you all!


Margaret Dawson

In memory of my Mum who also suffered from Dementia❤️


Melanie King


Lynda Ranson

7.5km... You are my hero. Sending you and your mum all my love x





Love your work Tyrone !!!!!


Ethanael Lorenzo


Ann Luz


Louisa De Vera