Dad’s Army

We're doing the Adelaide Memory Walk & Jog to raise funds for people with dementia!

We need your support! On Sunday, 27 March, we’ll be joining the Adelaide Memory Walk & Jog.

With your help, our aim is to raise money to help Dementia Australia! We’d love you to sign up and join us for the big day. If you can’t make it, please give generously for a vital cause.  

Dementia Australia will use the money raised to provide vital support services for people living with dementia, their families and carers. This much-needed help includes counselling, support groups, education and training for professionals in our local area.

Thank you to our Sponsors



$100 for each of three very special men in your life…Pa Heyne, Grandpa Jock and of course your ‘one of a kind’ dad. Love you heaps. 💕


Heather Heyne

You are without a doubt our favourite son-in-law! Thanks for all you do for us. Xxx



Way to go B. Poopy and I love you heaps. Xxx



We're so proud of you Sarah! We love you and your family.


Christine Reid

Good job! Such a worthy cause Sarah 👏🏻 ❤️💋


Shannon Dunbar


Heather Heyne

Thank you for enlisting in Dad’s Army James!


Belinda Reid



The Shrimplin’s

You are a rockstar Sarah! Role model, inspiration, part time life saver and overall one of the best people in the world! We love you 😍


Lyndal Mitchell

Love to you and your family ♥️


Petafaye Heyne

All the best Sarah for the 27th March...l am sure you will reach your goal!




Jasmin Schmerl


Sharon Petterson